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K. Mahrlamova, N. Chabanovych,
Volume 10, Issue 2 (Spring 2022)

Aims: Nowadays, the acquisition of innovative approaches and techniques that use the Internet is one of the main goals for the development of higher medical education in Ukraine. This paper aimed to describe the effectiveness of blending learning in the preparation of medical students.
Instrument & Methods: The authors designed a course “Medical English for Specific Purpose” and implemented it into the educational process.
Findings: The majority of students and teachers agreed that the developed course should be integrated into the educational process.
Conclusion: From this research, it can be concluded that blending learning is an integral part of modern education with the ability to use collaborative and critical thinking skills. In such kind of education, the role of a teacher changes to the facilitator who involves and stimulates students to go through real problem solving and meaningful lifelong learning experiences.

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